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Amidst nature holiday apartments for big families – on the edge of the Wutach-schlucht

The ideal surroundings for the family vacation

Looking for that very special family vacation? Looking for real paradise for your kids that offers them a first-hand experience with life in the countryside and animals?

We are surrounded by pure nature. In the evening you fall asleep to the sounds of chirring crickets and wake up to the chirping of birds. At night you have your complete and utter peace and quiet without any traffic whatsoever.

There are also endless fun possibilities for the kids. The shaded playground amongst the trees offers the little ones a sandbox, swings and a slide. The older ones will enjoy the trampoline or the playhouse. Or a daredevil-twosome can even take go-carts out for a spin. And the playground is right next to the petting zoo…

For the hiker enthousiasts: Our property is located directly at the edge of the natural reserve Wutach Gorge (Wutachschlucht) and in the hiking area of the Schluchten Trail (Schluchtensteig). A 10-minute walk takes you to the Wutach. An evening walk will take you to such historic sites such as the “Stallegger Brücke” (Stallegg Bridge, a wooden-roofed bridge across the Wutach River) or the old river power station. On warm summer days you can take a warm, refreshing swim in the Wutach. With a bit of luck, you’ll catch a glimpse of wild animals such as deer, rabbits, foxes, badgers or even beavers. You can easily reach all the well-known gorges in the area with the “Wanderbus”, the local bus line for hikers. One gorge is more beautiful than the other. Nature lovers can roam here to their heart’s content!

Vacation home Lotus

  • Persons: up to 14
  • Living space: 305 m²
  • Price per night: from 160,- €

Vacation home Lilie

  • Persons: up to 8
  • Living space: 75 m²
  • Price per night: from 79,- €

Vacation home Iris

  • Persons: max. 8
  • Living space: 80 m²
  • Price per night: from 89,- €
2 Stallegg Rose Wohnzimmer 3

Vacation home Rose

  • Persons: max. 3
  • Living space: 50 m²
  • Price per night: from 59,- €
Stallegg Gaestezimmer 1


  • Persons: max. 3
  • Living space: 25 m²
  • Price per night: from 35,- €

About us - Hof Stallegg

Nature and Holiday


Many thanks to our guest for the numerous good reviews: we have been receiving top reviews for years, getting most of the praise for the excellent amenities and the cleanliness of the apartments. It is exactly these items that are so important to us. We want you to feel comfortable throughout your stay with us!